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Everything You Need to Know About Hessian Bags

The time has come to make the change. Yes, a change from plastic to eco-friendly jute bags. Jute bags are eco-friendly, easily grown and biodegradable.

They leave behind a very little residue when destroyed and make excellent compost, thus enriching the environment. They can also be quickly harvested and are best for crop rotation. Above all, jute bags come in different stylish varieties in trendy designs. Of all jute bags, Hessian bags are the best.

What Are Hessian Bags?

Hessian bags are high-quality, refined bags woven from jute fiber. Hessian is actually a fine-quality, plain-weave fabric made of a single warp and an interwoven weft. The Hessian fabric comes in different varieties like plain, bleached, dyed, custom-printed and treated or rot-proof categories. Hessian is finer than sacking cloth in quality and is softer to touch. Hence Hessian is classified among the refined fabric of superior quality.

The name Hessian for this high-quality jute fabric was derived from the name of the German state of  “Hesse” or Hessen”. the soldiers of the Landgraviate principality of the town Hesse used to wear uniforms made of this fabric and were called Hessian. This name stuck to the jute fabric a well. But in the U.S.A., this Hessian fabric is called “burlap”.

Called crocus, Hessian material was used by the Jamaican plantation workers and laborers. Since they had no access to cotton which was very expensive, the laborer fashioned their clothes from this material used for packing. Later, this fabric was first exported from India in the 19th century to make ropes, nets and packing bags.

Nowadays, Hessian material has found versatile uses- for packing, a backing material for carpets and rugs, and in the manufacturing of Tote bags and knapsacks.

Why Are Hessian Bags In High Demand?

Hessian bags are in high demand owing to their long shelf life, low manufacturing cost, ease of printing and weather-proof quality.

The Hessian material is widely preferred for packing and making tote bags as it is breathable. It is also spoilage-resistant as it resists condensation. It is durable and weather-proof and does not allow water to seep in easily. It is excellent for packing food items and for making weather-proof tote bags.

The Hessian material is tough and can resist wear and tear and can bear rough handling in transit. Hence, hessian bags make good travel backpacks and knapsacks.

Innovative Uses of Hessian Bags

Hessian bags have found popular use as tote bags and knapsacks.

Hessian Tote bags are now in high fashion. Every college-goer or teenager or young office executive wishes carry only a Hessian Tote bag. Hessian Tote bags look elegant and elite and they are eco-friendly, economical and efficient in use. They can be printed in bulk quantities quickly and are even manufactured in cottage industries.

Hessian Tote bags are printed in attractive colors and trendy designs. They make ideal shopping bags as they are sturdy, weather-proof and can withstand a lot of weight.

Corporate companies and big business houses prefer to print Hessian Tote bags and use them for their branding and promotion. This is because the Hessian Tote bag is a reflection of their eco-friendliness and form a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Hessian knapsacks are the next rage in town as they are hardy, weatherproof and durable for all seasons. The preferred material for army haversacks, they have also emerged in the market in trendy design to attract the youth. Hessian knapsacks are rugged, ready-to-use and retro in design. Economical and efficient, they last long in both use and in memories.

Hessian bags are here to stay as they give you value for your money any day. Get your Hessian bag today from the most reliable supplier in town and get high rewards for your money.