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Vape Pens for Caffeine: An Energy Boost

There’s a whole new way to get your midday caffeine fix, without all the sugar in an energy drink, or having to brew a pot of coffee. A Canadian company has developed a vaporizer pen that allows you to inhale your caffeine rather than sip it.

In case you’re not familiar with what a vape pen is, it’s a compact, pen-shaped device that is used to vaporize various materials, so that their essences can be inhaled. Vape pens consist of a mouthpiece that you inhale through, a chamber with a heating element, and a battery that supplies power to the heating element. When vaporizer pens are turned on, they produce vapor through one of two heating methods:

  • Conduction, transferring heat straight from the heating element to the vaping material through direct contact.


  • Convection, transferring heat from the heating element to the vaping material by warming the air; in these vaporizers, the heating element doesn’t touch the vaping material at all.

Neither vaporizer heating method involves burning or combustion. What you inhale through the mouthpiece of a vape-pen is clean vapor, so using caffeine vape pens doesn’t mean you are smoking.

The vaping material used in the new caffeine vaporizer pens is a liquid that is made up of ginseng, taurine, and guarana. It is nicotine free and said to provide a faster energy boost than ingesting caffeinated beverages. The vaporizer pens come preloaded with the liquid, and can be used for multiple draws before they are empty, and must be replaced with a fresh vape pen. Reportedly, the caffeine vape pens offer a pleasing flavor as well.

Although a prefilled vaporizer pen that contains caffeine is a new innovation, people have been vaping with caffeine-rich dry herbs, like ginseng and guarana, for years with conventional dry herbal vaporizer pens. The new caffeine vape pens have only been on the market for a few months, and vapor enthusiasts are buzzing about whether or not the caffeine vaporizer pens will take off and become a mainstream phenomenon.

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