Using Baking Soda to Remove Odors from Men’s Canvas Shoes

Do you have smelly men’s canvas shoes? Stinking shoes can be annoying and embarrassing. There are many ways that are used to absorb the odors but the use of the baking soda is the most common. If the shoes are smelly, you add backing soda inside them to absorb the unpleasant odors. It is for simple to make the sachet of this product. Just place small pieces of baking soda and tie them with a string.

Then, place the sachets inside the shoes and leave them overnight. The odors will be gone. Alternatively, you can use baking soda directly. This can be done by sprinkling baking soda inside the shoes and leaving them overnight. This will kill all the bacteria hiding inside the shoes which result into odors.

Wearing comfortable shoes is definitely a good thing. The problem is likely to occur if they are smelly. Imagine attending an official occasion while wearing smelly shoes. The people who will sit next to you will not feel comfortable. Even though baking soda can help in getting rid of the unpleasant odors, it is imperative to be cautious while using it. For example, if it is used directly, it may have damage the surface of the shoes. If the baking soda build up, the shoes may become brittle. Using sachets of this product to get rid of the odors is highly recommended.

So, why clean the men’s canvas shoes using baking soda? This product effectively get rid of the odors. There are a number of products that may result in the sensitive skin reactions. This is not the case while using baking soda. It completely eliminates the odors or unpleasant smells without adding other scents. This product also have exceptional antibacterial as well as fungicide properties. Better yet, using baking soda is a cheap method of treating smelly men’s canvas shoes.

There are also a number of DIY alternatives of preventing the shoe odors. The smelly shoes can be placed in an open air or direct sunlight. It is important to open the laces for the air or light to enter the inside of the shoes. The wet sections of the shoes, for example, wet insoles encourage the growth of bacteria that causes the odor. The wet parts need to be dried on the direct sunlight or using the dryer set. Also, wearing the same shoes everyday may result into smelly shoes. If you have several pairs of men’s canvas shoes, it is important to alternate them. Another thing that you should not forget is wearing socks.

Just as said earlier, wearing smelly shoes can be annoying. People sitting around you will not be comfortable. Also, smelly shoes can result into foot infections. It is for this reasons why it is essential to clean the shoes regularly. Also, products such as baking soda can help in removing the odors. It is however recommended to use the right products because many of them may negatively affect the surfaces of the shoes.

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