Sports Movies to Watch

Everybody like to play sports whether it would cricket or chess or it would be football or any other else. In point of view, there are up-to 8000 indigenous sports in the world to enjoy and there are hundreds of films available on sport theme which gives the inspiration and motivation to the society. You can watch hundreds of best stories available on this genre only on our website 1movies.to where there is no little subscription fee and you can stream or download unlimited contents without restriction on unlimited devices. If you compare our website with Netflix or Amazon Prime Video or any other else then, you will definitely love our website only for sports movies to watch.

Each year more than thousands of players try to take part as a contestant of a particular sport but, only few fantastic selected. It is the passion which keeps the player to be more hard, it is the hope which keeps the player to be in the ground, it is the only surviving which keeps the player towards win. The most famous sports in the world like cricket, football, wrestling, boxing, hockey, badminton, skating, chess, shooting, archery, baseball, volley ball and many more. Cricket is mostly played in India where Sachin Tendulkar known as king of the cricket who made lots of centuries and records in the world. There are many more players around the world who made records like Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, South Africa, England, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many more. More than hundred teams are available around the world for the sport Cricket only. Each sport has its own popularity.

Mostly films on this genre based up on documentaries which represent best event happened in the particular sport life. The famous earlier pictures like “Corbett and Courtney Before the Kinetograph” shot in 1894 and show the fight between two acclaimed boxers James Corbett and Peter Courtney. One more like Baseball and Bloomers” is also one of the earliest American short sport film produced in 1911. There are many more movies released in each country and became popular in the world like Lagaan in 2001 in India, Shaolin Soccer in 2001 in China, Rocky Balboa in 2006 in USA, The Fighter in 2010 in USA and many more. The latest best releases of 2017 are – The Goon: Last of the Enforcers, Cars 3, Jawbone, Slamma Jamma, Champion and many more. You can enjoy all the great films only on our website at free of cost. Just logon and watch it now here.