A few ways to propose your girlfriend

There are many ways to propose your partner depending upon the frankness you have in between you. If your girlfriend is your childhood friend or you know her for so long that you can share anything with her then there is no reason to go formal. You can even propose with the plastic bottle ring too. In fact making things formal will only make things difficult. Remember to stay the way you are. Don’t try to pretend things. If you are looking for something unique with which you can propose your girlfriend, you can check the CaratLane Platinum Pendants. They have the best designs you have seen so far.


One of the common ways to propose your girlfriend is by taking her on a formal dinner. This is a usual way that you might have seen in many movies too. Usually the guy places the ring in the wine glass and when the girl drinks from it, she gets the ring in her mouth. This is not that simple. She might end up choking on the same ring too. So make sure you don’t make this foolish mistake too. However, if your girlfriend is a friend of yours too, then making everything so formal might scare her too. So if you are not good in this game, better not play in on dinner.


Another way of proposing your girlfriend is taking her on a long drive. Long drives are romantic when there is a full moon or sun is setting. So decide a day and go on a long drive. In the middle of nowhere, stop the car and make it look like a trouble in the engine. Get out of the car and when your girlfriend follows you, sit on your knees and propose her. This will come as a surprise in a romantic environment and she will definitely say yes.


One of the best scenes of nature is on the beach. If your girlfriend loves to visit the beach, then take her there and wait for the sun to set. When it touches the sea and turns its light orange, sit on your knees and take out the ring. Say the proposal in the most beautiful words, because believe me or not, she is going to remember this moment for the rest of her life. So make it more special for her with some extra effort.  You can also take her underwater in between the fishes and propose her there (But check for the sharks first, kidding).


If your girlfriend loves cuddling and wants to stay in bed for long, there is no reason you should get out. Order a ring online at jewellery/platinum-pendants.html with the unique design and hide it under the pillow or in your undergarments. When she come to bed and make her go there and when she takes the ring out, propose to her in the most husky and sexy voice. There is no way she can say no.