Do You Understand Your Air Conditioner’s Energy Efficiency Ratio?

It is no longer a luxury to have air conditioner installed at our house. Particularly if you are living in area where the temperature reaches very high then it is a necessity. Also, in certain tropical areas, the environment becomes so uncomfortable that it is very difficult to live without running an air conditioner in the house. However, if your air conditioner starts working inefficiently and draws more current from electricity and in return does not produce cool air then it becomes too annoying.

In case, you have got a very nice model of air conditioner from companies like say Voltas or Hitachi, and after few years, you find that you are getting a fat electricity bill then it is time you need to analyze, what has gone wrong with your air conditioner. If you do some research about working of the air conditioner then you may surely come across a term called energy efficiency ratio of the air conditioner. This must be unfamiliar term to you, but you need to read this article in order to understand this term.

What is energy efficiency ratio?

Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER will basically tell you how many thermal units are needed for each unit of wattage of power drawn by your air conditioner unit. We need to understand at this point that every different air conditioner has got different EER. If your air conditioner is meant for your room only then it will use the term EER, while any central air conditioner will represent the same parameter as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER).

As a matter of fact, when one buys a new air conditioner then in the technical specification this parameter is mentioned. However, only people who are knowledgeable about HVAC will generally understand about it. Actually, for a room air conditioner the term EER is more important to know because the energy bill that we need to pay every month is associated with this parameter.

Room air conditioner and EER

Normally, we use a room air conditioner in order to cool the temperature of a particular room and the whole area is generally enclosed. We try to keep the doors and windows closed so that the cold air will not flow out. Due to this reason people will try to restrict the use of energy and try to cool only the area in the room.

Therefore, in order to decide the EER we must find out how much British Thermal Unit (BTU), the air conditioner is using by utilising the electricity power in terms of wattage. Let us say that your air conditioner with 12,000 BTU is drawing 1100-watt power then the EER would be 12000/1100 which is approximately 10.9. Therefore, higher the value of EER the air conditioner unit will be more efficient.

When you buy AC next time from Amazon you must ask the supplier about EER of the air conditioner to know about its efficiency. This will help you buy more effective air conditioner for your home.