Most common mistakes to avoid while putting on mascara

Mascara is the most magical tool in the hand’s os a women to make her eyes look beautiful and her eyelashes to appear long and full. However, there are some common mistakes linked to the use of mascara that can lead to an opposite to beautiful look. Following a few tips can help you avoid these errors and to create a perfect finish by the end of your makeup.

  • Do not start with top lashes

We all come to that point when we are fully satisfied with our mascara application, and we are about to appreciate our excellent work when a few dots appear either on the eyelid or below the eye and are enough to spoil the whole mood. A simple tip to avoid this problem is first to apply the mascara on the lower lash then move up to the upper lash. This way the mascara would not smudge at all and will keep you happy.

  • Do not pump the wand too much

Another common mistake that we make while applying mascara is to tap the wand too much of the liquid. This rapid motion makes the air to trap up inside the bottle, causing the contents to dry out fast and make clumps appear on the brush. When this happens, you have to spend all your time separating the lashes that have clogged together. The tip to do is to slightly and gently press the wand in the bottle in circular motions and get the required amount of the brush. Then smoothly move it outwards and apply the mascara.

  • Do not use the old brush as it is!

The resent behind all the clumping of the eyelashes is the use of mascara brush without cleaning it. When the old mascara that sticks to the brush is all clogged up, you cannot get smooth and separated lashes at all. So at first clean or wash the brush to make it clog free and then apply your mascara.

  • Do not use the old mascara.

Eyes are the most precious and most sensitive part of the face so you should pay particular attention to the tools you are bringing in contact with the eyes. If you have the mascara that is old, it could be a reason to cause infection in the eye, therefore making it a rule of thumb to replace your mascara every six months to avoid any health problems to the eye. You could do it earlier if you please. It would help prevent the clumping issue as well.

  • Do not use a single mascara

When you use a separate mascara, you are at a risk of getting the smaller lashes and less fuller ones. It will make you wonder do eyelashes grow back. However, all you have to do is to use two mascaras to finish the look, one to get the extended lashes and a second one to increase the volume of the lashes. It would give surprising results.