4 best positions for danglers in a shop

Danglers are called the “point-of-purchase” promotional materials. They are usually hang in shops at prominent positions to grab the customer’s eye. The unique shape, attractive colors, and artistic design of the danglers grab the attention of the customers. But more than all this, where you place the dangler is most important.

What are the best positions for hanging your dangler in a shop?

The position of the dangler in a shop plays a pivotal role in its purpose of attracting attention. If you hang a dangler prominently. it instantly catches the attention of the passer-by. If you hang it somewhere inside or at the back of the shop, it is lost and never looked at.

So, where you place your dangler in a shop is most important. Let us take a look at the 4 best positions in your shop where you can place your danglers.

Before starting, do understand that a dangler is meant to hang from the ceiling of the shop. It can be a 2D or 3D shape. But at which location or spot in the shop you hang it form matters.

  1. At the entrance

This is the best place to hang a dangler. The dangler catches the visitor’s eye as soon as he enters the shop. When the dangler is hung at the entrance of the shop, it makes sure the customer registers its message. Also, when the customer sees the dangler at the entrance, his purchase decision is now under the influence of the dangler and he makes the decision accordingly.

In a multi-brand showroom,  only those brands which have their danglers at the entrance, have the extra edge.

  1. At the cash counter

When the customer comes to pay for his purchase, there too you can hang a dangler. A dangler hung here tries to help you upsell or cross-sell. Suppose, a customer has bought a phone. He arrives at the cash counter to make the payment. There, he sees a dangler saying “power bank at 599 only today”. He instantly decides to buy this extra product. This kind of additional sales occurs by having danglers at the cash register.

  1. At the product display area

In a shop, there is bound to be an area to display products. Hanging danglers here is the best thing to do. When you hang the danglers at the product display area, this is bound to help the customer make a decision among the brands. The message on the dangler regarding the discounts, deals, or features of the product influence the buyer’s purchase decision.

  1. At the window

Large boutiques and retail stores have big windowed displays where mannequins are kept with their products on. Hanging danglers at the window is a great idea as they are definitely seen by the passers-by. Seeing the dangers at the window makes the passerby enter the shop to make a purchase.  Even in malls, you can see danglers at boutiques hanging from their product window and seen by all. Thus, a window display of danglers is a must in any shop.

Get your danglers created artistically in a unique color, design, and shape. Get them printed of the finest quality from a good supplier. Get the right message printed on the dangler. Do not forget to hang the dangler at these 4 prominent places in the shop. Print danglers in bulk to give a festive look to your shop.

Decorate your shop with dazzling danglers to make the most of sales.