A Know-It-All about Karwa Chauth for the New Wives

Karva Chauth is a one-day festival celebrated by Hindu women all over India and abroad, It is celebrated four days after Purnima (a full moon) in the month of Kartika. Wives keep a fast from sunrise to moonrise for their husband’s healthy, long and prosperous life and in return, the husbands give Karwa Chauth gifts to their doting wives.

If it is your first Karwa Chauth, and you have no idea what exactly this day’s importance is and how to celebrate it?, then here is a guide to Karwa Chauth for you-

The Story behind the Karwa Chauth Celebration

There are a lot of stories behind the fast of Karwa Chauth like- The legend of Karva, Mahabharata, Queen Veeravati and much more. Here is the story of Queen Veeravati-

Once there was a queen named Veeravati, she was the only sister of seven very loving brothers, who cared for her the most in the whole world. She was married and kept a strict fast when she was at her parent’s house, beginning from dawn to moonrise. She was very hungry and thirsty by the evening and was eagerly waiting for the moon to rise so she can end her fast. Seeing this her brothers

What things are done on Karwa Chauth –

  1. Sargi

Women wake up before dawn and have a pre-meal before the fast starts. That ritual of pre-meal along with some Karwa Chauth gifts for daughter-in-law by their mother-in-law is called Karwa Chauth Sargi.

  1. The Fast Starts after Sunrise

Right after the Sargi, the Karwa Chauth fast starts after dawn, and then they are not supposed to have any food or drinks till they see the moon at night and complete the Karwa Chauth ritual with their husbands.

  1. Women get all Dolled-up

Women get all dolled-up for the day, they go to the parlors to get some self-care services, after that they get Mehendi done on their hands, then they put on the new dresses and complete their final look with accessories and makeup for the final look of Karwa Chauth.

  1. Go for Katha with other Women

Once they are ready, they go for a Katha (story) ceremony with the other ladies in their locality, or their friends where they listen to the story on the origin and importance of Karwa Chauth.

  1. After the moonrise ends the fast

After the Karwa Chauth Katha, women go back to their places and wait for the moon to rise. Once the moon is up in the sky, they perform the ritual with their husbands and end their fast. Their husbands feed them with something sweet and water.

  1. Husbands give Karwa Chauth Gifts to their Wives

Once the Karwa Chauth Fast is complete the ritual is done, the husbands give Karwa Chauth Gifts to their wives as a token of love and appreciation for keeping such a tough fast for their healthy and long life.

  1. Have food and some quality time with the Husbands

Now that Karwa Chauth is completed, women finally have proper food and water. And then enjoy some quality time with their husbands.

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