The Most Common Sports Injuries

There are a lot of people that are interested in extracurricular activities. Like playing different sports. A lot of schools make it compulsory that all their students join some sports activity. While studies are no doubt an important part of every child’s life, sports should also be given importance. Sports will help you stay active and it teaches children a lot of tolerance and teamwork as well. However, one has to be careful while playing any kinds of sports because injuries can happen at times. There are some injuries related to sports that are very common. Some of them are as follows.

·        Foot and ankle fracture:

Even people who carry a lot of weight can become victims to an ankle twist and suffer a lot of pain. In most cases, people who play football and other such sports often suffer from ankle and foot pains. Even a sprain or soreness in the tendons can become quite irritating and uncomfortable. A lot of such injuries are treated by icing the foot and ankle. The icing treatment can bring down the swelling by a lot.

·        Knee pain:

A lot of athletes suffer from knee pain. Arthritis and other health problems can also be a reason that people suffer from knee pain. However, in athletes the knee dislocation, fracture and knee pain are quite normal and quite often as well. Knee pain can be treated through the icing treatment, through medication and physical therapy Etc. In the case that the injury is very serious, there is also the option of surgery. However, even after the surgery, physical therapy is essential to help in the movement and functioning of the knee joint.

·        Head injuries:

Accidents can happen to anyone and they can happen anywhere at all. This is why sports grounds and athletes are not prone to it as well. During sports activities, there are times that the athletes can suffer from a head injury. In a lot of cases, it is just a mild concussion that takes just about a day to get fixed. In extreme cases, it can lead to trauma and bleeding in the head as well. However, these extreme cases are very few as athletes are required to wear the protective gear when they are playing.

·        Jaw injury:

In games such as rugby and even volleyball, a lot of people suffer from a hit to the jaw or the neck and the skull.  Injuries to the jaw can become extremely painful if not diagnosed and treated in the right way. If you feel constant pain in your jaw as well as swelling, especially the area where your jaw connects to your skull, you might be suffering from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome. There are many reasons that this problem can occur. There are many different treatments for this, and physical therapy in one of them. To treat this problem you need to get in touch with Tmj specialist. These specialists might cost a little more money, but they will guide you towards the best treatment plan for you.