What is a Passport Wallet?

Ready for your next international tour? You have lined up your travel gear and accessories for packing – trolley, laptop bag or backpack, toiletries pouch, clothes, lingerie, and most importantly, all your travel documents like passports, tickets, etc. But have you set aside a passport wallet for your trip? No?- then, you are about to commit one of the biggest mistake of your life! Every international traveller needs a passport wallet and you too must have one.

What is a Passport Wallet and Why Do You Need One?

A passport wallet is ideally a travel wallet intended to hold the passport along with a few other travel essentials like your ticket, boarding pass, credit or debit card, business card, etc. It is not a mere cover for the passport but a holder in itself which carries many additional things. A passport wallet helps you hold may travel documents and financial item – all in one place. You can have multiple passports like your old and new one, several boarding passes, international currencies of various countries,  credit and debit card, personal identification card like driving license, social security card, etc. This makes it easier to fetch the items needed from one place and keep them safe too.

Every globe-trotter must have a passport wallet. Imagine you are having just a passport cover instead of a passport wallet. Then, you would have stored your credit card and IDs elsewhere. In case, you need to how additional Id proof, you have to hunt for it in your travel bag. Or maybe, you need to use your credit card o the flight to purchase food, then you start hunting for your money wallet. During this process, there is a high risk of someone trying to steal your money wallet. You cannot allow this to happen. To avoid this, the only solution is this.

What if everything is stored in one place like the passport wallet? Everything becomes more simple and convenient, isn’t it? That is why you must use a passport wallet.

Advantages of Using a Passport Wallet

A passport wallet is a multipurpose accessory which doubles up as a passport holder cum travel organizer cum money wallet. With a passport wallet in hand, you are fully equipped to take on the world and can travel anywhere, worry-free!

Using a passport wallet reduce your worries of losing your passport or money. It also reduces your travel burden by holding all items in one place and avoiding the need for multiple organizers.  It makes you feel efficient, organized and professional with all your travel documents and money essential in place.

The most important aspect of a passport wallet is that it is designed to be compact and convenient. Designed to fit the international passport dimensions, the passport wallet can be carried in your coat or pant pocket too. Small, sleek and smart, the passport wallet is your ideal travel companion for all your travels abroad.

Pointers For Purchasing a Good Passport Wallet

  1. Design

The most important factor to consider while purchasing a good passport wallet is its design. Do you want a simple, minimalist design? Or would you like to have an elaborate one with many pockets, pouches, and zips? Do you want the passport wallet to be fashioned like an envelope? Or would you like it to be designed like a clutch? Or would you prefer if it opens like an accordion? Whatever the design you choose, see that it fulfills the purpose of buying a passport wallet. Let the design be not just superficial but super-efficient.

  1. Shelf-Life and Sturdiness

As an international traveller, you are obviously shunting between continents and have no time to repair broken zips or clasps. So, make sure that the passport wallet you buy is of good quality with lasting strength and long shelf life. Check whether the material is tough, rugged and good to last. Run your fingers along the wallet to check for double stitching, and check if the seams are strong. Work the zipper to see if they get stuck or break off easily. Double-check with the supplier if the passport wallet is waterproof, fade-proof and weather-proof.

  1. Quality of Material

Passport wallets come in a variety of materials like plastic, PVC, leather, faux-leather, canvas, etc. Go in for the best quality material for your passport wallet even if it exceeds your budget slightly. Only good quality material can make your passport wallet lat long for a number of trips or tours.

  1. Special Features

When you have decided to purchase a passport wallet, make sure you buy the best one with special features like these. Some passport wallets are equipped with anti-slash material to avoid ripping for pick-pocketing or pilferage. No thief can attempt to pick your passport wallet any more if it has this feature.

The other security feature that your passport wallet can possess is RFID blocking. This prevents electronic pick-pocketing where all your personal details are fetched from your credit cards by just secretly scanning it without touching you. RFID-blocking prevents this mishap from happening and keep your information safe. Buy such secure passport wallets to protect your assets electronically.

Remember, your passport wallet is a one-time investment for a lifetime of journeys. Get your passport wallet from the best supplier to make your travel safe and secure.