New items that you can gift to your friends

Friends are a gift of God. If you are blessed with good friends, believe me, you are one of the luckiest people in the world. One does not become worthy because he has money and a good job. If you have nice friends to whom you can call in your bad times and they will respond, you are one of the powerful people on the earth. If you are surrounded by this kind of company, I’ll suggest, never lose them. Put your 100% effort to stay in touch with each other and be there for them too. This will strengthen the bond of your friendship. You can also make it strong by diving different gifts to each other. Here are the few things that are trendy and less costly so that you can afford to give them as a gift to your beloved friends:

·Hot mugs:

We all have a friend who loves tea more than anything else. Well, for them, there is no better gift than hot mugs. These are the mugs on which different images are printed, but you can see them normally. When you pour hot tea in it, the images will start appearing on the surface. You can write jokes or print your own pictures on the mug too.

·Picture shirts:

Another gift that you can give to your friend is a picture shirt. Yes, a shirt with all your memorable pictures together. All you have to do is to collect all the pictures which you want to get printed on the shirt and go to the shop. They will make a collage and print it out on a shirt. Now you can literally wear your memories on yourself.


One of the funny and memorable gifts that you can give to your friend is custom bobbleheads. If you don’t know what it is, it is an animated cartoon doll, but instead of the cartoon face it has the face of your friend. The head is slightly bigger than the body and is attached to a spring. Once the head is pressed, it pops up and down. These days it is a trend to give each other cartoons like these. So if you have a good bond with your friend, you can give one of these to him. Mostly teenagers and young boys and girls gift it to their friends.

·Flask bracelet:

Now this is a great gift for a drunken friend. If your friend loves to drink all the time, then there is no better gift than a flask bracelet. As its name says, it is a kind of bracelet which is also a flask. This means that you can fill it and drink anywhere you want. You can now even drink in the formal parties where there is no beer. If you have one of these friends, it is the best gift for them. They will wear it all the time without people knowing that they are getting drunk.