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Flowermate Vaporizer Review, Pros and Cons

The Flowermate Vaporizer Pro is a compact dry herb vaporizer that is battery operated and packed with benefits. Here’s a look at the features of this portable vaporizer.

– Vapor Production. Vapor quantity is exceptional, and the herbal vaporizer is very efficient with little to no waste. Taste is very good at the start of a session, but the last few draws are not as flavorful. The vapor also tends to run hot by the end of a session.

– Warranty. Flowermate offers a 1-year warranty on the herb vaporizer, which is about average for a portable vaporizer of this price.

– Set Up Time. The herbal vaporizer heats up very quickly. Be sure to grind your herbs well to ensure efficiency.

– Cost. The Flowermate Vaporizer Pro sells for about $100, making it rather affordable compared to other portable vaporizer options. To purchase your Flowermate vaporizer and, see VaporPlants, and use coupon code VP10 for 10% off.

– Portability. Compared to other portable herbal vaporizers, this model is about average in size. It is not as small as a vaporizer pen, but it will fit easily into a bag or pocket. There is a risk of the bottom door on the Flowermate Vaporizer Pro coming off while in storage, so use caution when carrying it.

– Operation. The buttons on this dry herb vaporizer are very easy to operate. Compared to other portable vapes, the Flowermate Vaporizer Pro does have moderate draw resistance, meaning it can be hard to take a pull from it.

– Flexibility. There are three temperature settings featured in the design of the Flowermate Vaporizer Pro. Testing shows that the medium setting tends to produce the best results.

– Power Supply. One thing that sets the Flowermate Vaporizer Pro apart from other portable vaporizers is that it features two batteries inside rather than just one. This allows the herbal vaporizer to be used for up to 90 minutes continuously, much longer than most other portable vapes.

Benefits of the Flowermate Vaporizer Pro

  • Inexpensive price for a portable herbal vaporizer
  • Good vapor quality for an herb vaporizer in this price range
  • Ready for use quickly
  • Simple to operate
  • Double battery design allows you to go for longer without charging

Drawbacks of the Flowermate Vaporizer Pro

  • Only a dry herb vaporizer; no accessories or attachments for vaping other materials
  • Vapor tends to become hot at the end of a session
  • Sometimes comes apart while in transit
  • Has some draw resistance; may be hard for people with breathing problems to use

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