A Walk In Shower: An Essential Part of Any Home

The popularity of walk in showers has been a growing trend in recent years, becoming a popular addition to the more traditional bathroom set-ups. They’re generally easy to install and when paired with linear and sequential shower drains provide certain advantages, such as ease of cleaning and the utilisation of tiles of a larger dimension.

Convenient Installation

Unlike standard conventional shower drains, a walk in shower usually uses a linear drain that requires a single and simple slope to work effectively. This is easier to accomplish than the four-sided slope that is common in a traditional drain typically placed in the centre. It not only saves a significant amount of effort and time in installation, but can avoid potential issues that may normally be encountered in the process.


Versatile by Design

You could argue that aesthetics and design are important elements in the construction or renovation of a bathroom, and you would be right. Because of the barrier-free form of walk-in showers, it allows you to save space and even gives an illusion of expansiveness, generating an air of comfort and eliminating the feeling of being constrained.

Because of the lack of threshold or barriers, walk in showers were mostly used in the past by those with problems related to impaired mobility. They were also considered as a luxury that people used to access only at a high-end luxurious spa. Nowadays, reasonable costs for walk in showers have allowed everyone to potentially have one in their own homes.

Low maintenance

The classic designs of a traditional shower area can often prove to be difficult to maintain due to places where dirt, mould and grime can perhaps settle. A walk in shower, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. Designed with a minimalistic and spacious approach in mind, it can prove to be far easier to clean than the more customary variants. A linear shower drain affects maintenance to a certain degree as well, because when correctly installed it is capable of draining residual water far quicker and much more efficiently.

It comes as very little surprise that a walk in shower is considered by many people to be essential and necessary to any home. It offers a great host of functional advantages as well as design benefits, making it easier to integrate within a pre-existing bathroom shower, or construct one from scratch. It is also cost-effective because it aids in future proofing the area and making it a much more comfortable place to be in.

Walk in showers are great value for their reasonably affordable prices. If you want to make your home even just a little bit better, you’ll be hard-pressed to think of another way as effective as the addition of a walk in shower.