Eco-Friendly Bags and Your Customers! What’s the Relation?

Reusable eco- friendly bags are like walking billboards with a good life of 3-5 years. They promote your business to the distance they travel. These promotional products are something that appeals to your customers and potential customers to come back to you.

Moreover, with the increasing pollution in the world, eco- friendly as well as reusable bags are preferred by most of the people and also found affordable. Know here how you can set a relation between your promotional bags and your customers or potential customers.

1. Make your own statement

Branding yourself eco- friendly does not just mean you put “go green” tag line under your company’s name, you need to do more. Using bags that are environmentally friendly will make you and your firm stand out and last long. If you are looking for custom wine bags, we provide you with unique bags that will grab everyone’s attention.

2. Satiate the hunger of need, but remember to be affordable!

Single-use disposable bags are inexpensive but are harmful. Using eco-friendly reusable bags are good option but some feel them to be a bit expensive. Use fabrics like cotton, jute, bamboo, and recycled paper.

Remember to be affordable does not only mean to be cheaper in cost in terms of material but to be cheaper your bags should also be multi-purpose. This means that it should allow the user to carry it anywhere they want without making being embarrassed and accommodate maximum commodities.

3. Customize your product

For attracting the consumer, your product, as well as the promotional product, needs to be catchy.

  • Select the size of your bag – like mentioned above, plan for a bag as per your product and the maximum weight it can hold.
  • Select color – remember never choose too bright or too dull colors. Bright colors might hurt one’s eyes whereas dull colors will shut your mood. Hence, try to make your own unique and catchy colors to shine.
  • Type or style of the bag – don’t just make normal carry bags, try to add some style to them. Make rope handles or see-through or transparent bags.
  • Ads- people love to see advertisement more than a full movie or show. Ads are more informative, time-saving and interesting. Put some caricature, paintings or another type of promotive drawings on your bags to promote your brand to a large extent.
  • Additional pieces of information- keep in mind to add other additional piece of information like your tag line, contact number, address, e-mail, and site if your store is online.

4. Remember to remind their importance 

It’s the best way of promotion, telling the importance of and spreading awareness about your product. Make sure you highlight the following values of your product.

  • Your product is recyclable
  • You focus on its durability
  • It is more affordable than the consumer thinks

Hope you understand the relation of eco-friendly bags and your consumer and your promotional bags are ready to draw attention.