Explore the 7 Most Mouthwatering Birthday Cakes

They often say that the cake is the main highlight of an eve. Moist, spongy, and delectable, carrying that exquisite sugary aroma, a cake is one of those treats that all in the party look forward to savoring. With the day of birthday approaching, be sure that no dessert is as fulfilling to savor on the day of birthday than cakes.

7 of the Most Mouthwatering Birthday Cakes

Cakes are available in a wide variety of flavors, each coming with a unique taste. What finer way to celebrate the eve of birthday with than by these delightful culinary desserts? Experience the joy on the faces of all on the birthday eve as the moment when the birthday boy or birthday girl blows the candles, slides a knife into the cake and takes out a slice to share. Here are 7 of the most mouthwatering birthday cakes that are guaranteed to delight all –

  • Kit-Kat Gems Cake – With crunchilicious chocolate bars of Nestle Kit-Kat surrounding a pile of multicolored Cadbury gems, the much vaunted Kit-Kat gems cake is a culinary masterpiece to always savor.
  • Red Passion Cake – They say, white is the color of purity and sophistication. What can be a more notable form of culinary exquisiteness than this cake? With single red flower made from vanilla cream poking out from a sea of white froth of vanilla cream with a flower pattern, this cake is a definite delight to gorge upon.
  • White Forest Cake – Made from a combination of white chocolate, whipped cream, and cocoa, with multiple red cherry bits dotted on top, this cake is a delight to savor as it is to see on any birthday party, in equal measure.
  • Vanilla Fruit Cake – Coated with a froth of vanilla and embedded with multitudes of all natural fresh fruits, the vanilla fruit cake is always a splendid delight to savor. This cake is light, healthy, and delicious.
  • Kiwi Cake – With infusion of the rare and highly prized kiwi fruit that grows only in the country of New Zealand, in the spongy cream-filled green exterior of this cake, the kiwi cake is an exquisite delight to always cherish.
  • Chocolate Truffle Cake – The delicious chocolate of this cake oozes out of every layer. Made from a thick slab of the richest and finest chocolates, and dotted with multitudes of crunchy truffle bits, this cake is one of the most exquisite culinary masterpiece.
  • Vanilla Fun Cake – The splendid delight of white vanilla is always remarkable. With vanilla covering the cake, the vanilla fun cake is one of the finest cakes. 6 succulent red cherries dot the top, exuding subliminal elegance and calmness.

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