Finding the Optimal Mascara for your Lashes

Finding make-up that works for you can be stressful. When it is time to find the best mascara you may have to try multiple bands before finding your perfect fit. When your lashes are in demand for some volume and definition, mascara can be a lifesaver. It’s a must-have essential for your makeup bag. Choosing the best option for your needs though can be challenging to say the least. No need to worry though, we’ve conducted our own assessment to find out which one is best suited for your lashes. There are different factors to consider when deciding on which mascara to choose from. Like the size and shape of the brush, the volume and length the wand will deliver and its portability. Different shapes, sizes and colors of the mascara and the wand brush will determine your choices. Here are some examples of the mascara options: 

    • The Comb Brush is great for short, sparse lashes. This brush specializes lashes that are on the shorter side. This brush will coat your lashes with minimal clumping. 
    • The Triangle Brush elongate your lashes giving them that feline effect.
    • The Pointed Brush is best for lengthening and extending. This type of brush is multi-dimensional because it serves two purposes. You can apply your mascara as you normally would but when you flip the brush around you can use the tip of it to extend the length of your lashes.
    • When trying to coat those hard to reach areas, the Ball brush will get those areas traditional sized brushes can’t. This can potentially prevent mascara from getting in your eyelids.
  • The Cone Brush, best for reaching the corners of your lashes, whether on the inside or outside. 

When you’ve finally figured out what you’re looking for from your mascara, you can choose the appropriate wand to meet your needs. You might need to use different brush types for different application procedures. Depending on your lifestyle or your day’s upcoming events, you can have different mascaras for different looks and expressions. Waterproof mascara should be in your makeup arsenal if the forecast is predicting humidity or rain. A necessity for getting the optimal eyelash application and look is to obtain a eyelash curler. It’s mainly used to prevent sticking, clumping and arching your eyelash. They eyelash curler will lay a foundation for your mascara and also aids in the application of it by making the lashes easier to reach. After curling your eyelashes, a quick tip to prevent clumping is to wipe your brush on a tissue before applying. 
Determining your needs, desired effects and application procedures will ensure that you will get the best outcome from your mascara brush. One last suggestion is to keep the used wands from expired brushes. You can use it as a “spoolie” brush to help train your eyebrows and keep them intact when you’re on the go. With so many types of mascaras available on today’s market, it’s best to figure out what aligns with your needs and lashes.