Hold a Fabulous Office Party

Office parties are a great way for people to get together after the work day is done. Many companies choose to reserve office parties for special occasions such as Christmas. Others like to hold office parties periodically in order to help employees bond with each other outside of formal work hours. If you have been trusted to plan the office party, it is a good idea to keep certain things in mind as you start your plans. Specifics such as decor choices, drinks and the food you serve can help enliven your party and make everyone have fun. Think about your co-workers. If you been at your office for many years, you may know them well. If not, you can ask around and find out what everyone in the office likes to eat and drink.

Food Choices

A good office party starts with the right food. Many people find that the right food choices for their office party are a series of appetizers. Appetizers can be passed around by servers or left on a table for people to choose as they walk around the party space. A small bite can be just right for an early afternoon office party or one that extends into the evening. Think about serving varying appetizers. For example, seafood makes a good choice as it can be easily stored on ice and kept fresh. Make sure that everyone has something they like. Find out if there are any vegetarians in your office. You want to offer them a choice of several different vegetarian appetizers if possible.

Serving Drinks

Another element of a memorable office party are drinks. Many offices already have bars in the office. They may also have bar accessories such as jiggers, shakers and coasters. Look at the bar before you begin. Ordering more bar accessories from a company such as Barware & More can be a good thing to do before the party starts. This way, you will have what you need on hand to serve drinks. Make sure you have enough drinks on hand for everyone. Count on at least one drink per person for each hour of the party. Make sure you have ice as well or a place to keep the drinks cold as the party continues.

Important Details

In conducting an office party, the real goal should be to allow everyone to relax in a setting that invites intimate conversation and the ability to mingle with co-workers in a stress-free environment. When planning an office party, keep in mind that you want to help your fellow office mates feel at home. A well-stocked bar with accessories that make it easy to prepare drinks is a must. The same is true of any foods you serve. Make it easy for people to find something they like to eat by offering a wide array of canapes with fresh ingredients and varied toppings. Proper planning on your part can make a successful and enjoyable office party.