How to shop better clothes?

A few days before the release of her book, “The bible of intelligent shopping” Laurence Bareil spoke with us to give us a taste. The queen of Canal Vie shopping has put together the sum of her knowledge in a single book, fully financed, where you can find everything you need to know about the shopping which matches your lifestyle.

3 infallible tips to determine if a garment is worth its price

  • The source

“We have to check where the garment was made,” says Laurence Bareil. Here or abroad? Knowing where it comes from and getting some information, we will choose parts produced according to standards that correspond to our values. The price of a piece often reflects the salary of the employees who made it and the number of steps in the chain that led to us.

  • The material

“An expensive and noble material, like cashmere or silk, justifies a higher price. By cons, a piece of 100% polyester (or other synthetic material) made in Asia is probably not worth a big expense, regardless of the name of the designer who designed it. “

  • The interview

“The value of a garment is inseparable from the maintenance it requires. If it has to be drying cleaned, for example, there is no need to invest if you are not prepared to pay for later expenses. Anyway, if we buy the clothes anyway and damage it by putting it in the washer, we will not win! Says Laurence.

  • Buy online

“I love sites where you can leave comments. You have to bother reading and writing. We must help each other! Do not forget especially to read the return policies of goods. If the returns are free, order two sizes, so you have the choice. It is also important to pay attention to the dimensions of the pieces. Since sizes are not regulated in Canada, a “medium” may differ greatly from brand to brand. “

  • Avoid unpleasant surprises

“Always inspect a piece of clothing in the fitting room before you buy it. It is simply a matter of turning the piece over and checking the seams, the strength of the buttons, the zippers. “

  • Do not be fooled

“A very common mistake, consumers make, is to rely on brand awareness alone. It’s not because it’s scratched or made locally that it’s good quality, and it’s not because it’s made in China that it’s not! “

  • Become independent

“Learning to use a sewing machine has changed my life. We can do touch ups, repairs … It’s convenient and we save a lot. Know that I’m not nearly as skilled as Martha Stewart, but if I can make minor changes, you can too! “