Offer a star to someone you love: scam or reality?

The info may seem surprising. Some companies have begun to sell their stars and offer their customers to purchase personalized stars.

This is the case, for example, of the site At first glance, everything looks normal and reliable. Various gift boxes are available. Include 59 Euros for the star Starlet up to 199 Euros for the brightest star “Supernova”. The “Zodiac”, one of the main stars of the constellation is 99 Euros. A real “Bestseller” according to the rules.

99 Euros later and in possession of your star “Zodiac”, your box will contain other surprises, such as a certificate of the star with the name given to it and the date on which the name was given, as well as A personal message (the class). You will also receive a map of the sky for star naming (this is more convenient, you will agree), five documents containing information on the star, the constellation and celestial mechanics, the presentation folder of the box and a CD with The planetarium software offered. In short, it all looks very serious and professional.

The site does not fail to advise you the star of your dreams tailor-made for the event to be celebrated.

Dream seller to star seller?

We contacted the Royal Observatory of Belgium in Uccle. For this institution, it is actually possible to buy a star on the different sites that offer this type of service. But it remains purely commercial. “We buy a star to give a gift to a person we love, for example, a German university offered a symbolic star to some of their students, a symbolic gesture in the form of a little attestation, But it is the International Astronomical Union that is responsible for naming the planets, comets, asteroids and stars. “ Reveals the Royal Observatory of Belgium.

The resellers of stars will be able to deliver you official certificates, so there is no way to buy a star as you buy a handbag, much less to give it an official name. Only the International Astronomical Union is able for International Star registration, and all recognized stars already have a name.

The site mentions however that the stars of their two catalogs are named only by numbers. “The name of your star is purely symbolic and is not recognized by the UAI, the International Astronomical Union. Because there are several star suppliers in the world, we can not guarantee that your Star has only been named once, however small. “

If you still wish to offer a star to your mum or spouse, you can also donate a star of sheriff or starfish.