Pros and Cons of Jute Bags over Plastic Bags

Carrying a bag becomes a necessity these days when you go out. Daily errands, sudden shopping sprees, buying extra odds and ends or even carrying extra file or books – all these require a bag to carry them home. However, what would be the right kind of bag to carry?

Nowadays, the world over, people are becoming eco-conscious and shunning plastic as it is non-biodegradable and polluting. Plastic and polythene bags have been banned in most countries and in India; several states have started following this trend to preserve their ecosystems. So even if you go out for shopping, you have to carry your own bag or buy a new one. This is why it is better to carry a sturdy jute bag always when you leave home.

But what is so great about a jute bag?  Let us analyze the pros and cons of jute bags over plastic bags.

Pros and Cons of Jute Bags

  1. Jute bags are eco-friendly

Made of natural fibre, jute bags are easily decomposed when they are disposed of. They are bio-degradable and can be easily composted. The manufacturing of jute bags does not exude any toxic fumes or waste. Jute fibres are plant fibres and are hence organic or non-toxic and leave behind no carbon footprint.

In contrast, plastics are polymers which are non-biodegradable and take thousands of years to decompose. Their manufacturing consumes a lot of water and expels toxic fumes and residue. Plastics from landfills which clog up the earth causing land pollution. Plastics are toxic when used regularly and may cause cancer.

When compared to plastic bags, jute bags are definitely organic and eco-friendly and are the safest option to use as a bag.

  1. Jute bags are washable and reusable

Jute bags can easily be washed with mild soap and sun-dried. They can even be ironed on low heat. Good quality jute bags never lose their sheen or lustre. They are made of high-quality and durable jute fibres and printed with fast dyes which do not run colour. So, jute bags can safely be reused several times and last a lifetime.

On the contrary, plastic bags are seldom reused. They are mostly used for collecting garbage and thrown off. This is because plastic bags become soggy on washing and even run colour. They become lumpy or even tear when washed.  Plastic bags are ideal only for single use. But with the prevailing plastic ban, plastic bags are best not used.

So, switch to reliable and robust Jute bags for all your carrying needs.

  1. Jute bags are stylish and can be designed innovatively

Plastic bags can be only printed in various designs and colours. But with jute bags, you can let your imagination run riot and innovate.

Yes, jute bags online can be creatively designed by using patches of cloth, crochet work, embroidery, felt, velvet and leather. They can even be embellished with flower, button, ribbon and ornate thread work. All this make jute bags appear hip and high-fashion or chic and trendy.

There is an enviable range of Jute tote bags, Jute office bags, Jute lunch bags and Jute shopping bags in varied colours and exotic designs out there in the market. Create a buzz by picking fashionable jute bags. Nothing can match the fashion and style statement of a jute bag!

  1. Jute bags make elite gifts

Imagine giving a plastic bag as a gift?! No one would dare as plastic bags are considered cheap and low-valued. Gift an exquisitely designed jute bag and watch the person swoon with pleasure.

Jute bags make elite and elegant personal and corporate gifts. They look classy and regal and worth gifting. They can be easily customized with your company logo and name and you can gift them to premium client and customer as corporate gifts.

Jute bags make excellent promotional and personalized gifts with a priceless value attached to them with an amazing design.

Jute bags stand head and shoulders above plastic bags in all respects. They are infinitely more durable, stylish, functional and safe than plastic bags.

As for the cons, there are no ground-breaking disadvantages of using jute bags. Everything is in favour of jute bags and against plastic ones.

Always buy jute bags from experts whose name is synonymous with quality.