Scratch your way to every new place you go to.

Your best friend’s birthday might just be around the corner and you’ve been racking your brain for weeks thinking about what to get as a gift. Out of all the things you notice about your best friend, probably the one thing that stands out is that your bestie loves to travel a lot, and by loves to travel, she always disappears and goes on an adventure every chance she gets. Travelling is one of the few (probably only past time) your best friend has so at least when you go shopping for a gift, you are pretty sure that you are going to get her something that involves travelling, but what?

What better gift to give than something that represents travelling, a globe. Not just any globe though, a scratch globe. You are giving something that’s relatable to her and at the same time, unique. How many of your friends have scratch globes? That’s right, none… yet. But what exactly is this gift that you’re planning to give? It’s a globe wherein your best friend can check off every place she’s been to just by simply scratching off the gold top layer to reveal a more coloured layer underneath.

Piecing together time

The scratch globe comes flat inside a gift box, this means that you already have a box for the gift, all you now need to do is wrap it, a map designed wrapping paper perhaps? Not only are you giving your best friend something that represents her hobbies, but you are also giving your friend something that she can enjoy assembling.

Assembly time is just around 10 minutes or so, so it’s really not that hard to put it together. Once done, your friend can either place it on her desk or hang it from a ceiling, or any which way she wants to.

Serves as a perfect reminder

The scratch globe can serve as either a reminder or an inspiration for travel. The gold top layer can be scratched off to reveal a more colourful and detailed version of the map. Your friend can always scratch off every part of the map where she has already gone to and uncover something more colourful beneath, although it also looks very pretty when not scratched. It’s a perfect addition to any travel collection.

Fun, unique and functional, all under £25.

The scratch globe is a unique and functional gift for your best friend or anyone you might know that’s into travelling. It gives the person receiving the gift satisfaction of scratching off every place he or she has been to while at the same time giving that person the inspiration he or she needs to travel so that every part of the map can be scratched, not only is it a scratch globe, it can also serve as a bucket list of sorts letting that person know where to travel next, and for only £21.95, you get to give something that is worth even more, memories.

Of course, when choosing the perfect gift you’re your best friend that loves to travel, it is important to give her something that is functional yet creative enough and unique, end the search for the perfect gift by getting your best friend a scratch globe. It is everything, and more!